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X Horn Productions Storyboarding Process

When you're making a film, time is your most formidable opponent. How you overcome that obstacle is through preparation. You have to have a clear idea on what it is you want to accomplish that day of production.

Hello storyboards. Our productions don't have the budget to hire a storyboard artist so we're forced to come up with other solutions. Drawing it ourselves was more frustrating than productive and storyboard software that did what I wanted cost more than we wanted to spend.

Our solution involves action figures and a DSLR camera. I've collected 3" tall action figures and I shoot the scene with our still camera. I create the scene using Lego blocks for walls and furniture. I place my characters in the space and get all my shots. I then bring the shots into Pages and then basically pre-edit the scene. Yes it's kind of time consuming, but when we all do finally shoot the scene for real I'm able to move faster because I've already shot the scene once before.

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