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Walking the Crooked Mile 20th Anniversary

2003 X Horn Productions released it's first feature film, Walking the Crooked Mile. For a year and a half we followed a group of Austin, Texas musicians as they tried to take their music career to the next level.

"Reyes' documentary follows 16 months in the lives and careers of Austin musician Mike Rosenthal and band 50 Mission Crush, and through interviews, observation, and background material shows the quitidian reality of what life is like for those whose dreams are bigger than their paychecks. Avoiding the trap of mindless boosterism, Walking the Crooked Mile takes pains to show the harsh reality of trying to get noticed in a town overrun with quality musicianship. " - Austin Chronicle

You can watch Walking the Crooked Mile for free on You Tube. Share it with someone chasing that dream.

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